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February 9, 2007  Vision of Future Homes Taking Shape

Consumer demand will drive standard specifications
The home of the future will be two stories, with a one-story entry foyer, and either no living room, or one that will end up serving more as a parlor or library. Consumers buying upscale homes will demand two master bedroom suites and an outside kitchen stocked with all the latest amenities -- all standard, says Gopal Ahluwalia, staff vice president for research for the National Association of Home Builders.
Click Here to view a copy of the presentation from IBS.
Source: Hanley Wood News Service


February 8, 2007  Shinn Presents Cost-Cutting Measures at Builders' Show
With home prices rising for more than a decade, builders have not had to cut costs out of necessity in a long time. But with buyers holding the upper hand in a market flooded with inventory, if builders want to sell houses and maintain profits, they have to find ways to build them more efficiently.
Source: Hanley Wood News Service
February 2, 2007  Five Steps: Web Makeover
It is vital for builders to determine how to best use Internet search engines and their Web site to stand out in the crowd. Here are ideas on how to make the most of this valuable tool to present your company to the community, grow your company, improve your sales velocity and provide better and faster customer service.
Source: Professional Builder
October 23, 2006  Builders Advised to Pare Costs as Sales Slow

Builders who are finding the current downturn in the housing market tougher than they had anticipated are being advised to take steps to reduce their costs and minimize the damage of slower sales to their business.
Source: Nation's Building News

October 17, 2006  Webcast: Back to Normal
Gearing Your Business to Today's Market: Chuck Shinn leads a panel of builders in a discussion on strategies for a changing market.
Source: Professional Builder
June 1, 2006  Spec Carefully
Many builders are discounting to move homes, a reason experts warn spec production should slow.
Source: Professional Builder
June 1, 2006  On – Your – Lot Gets Hot
Building on scattered sites could seem like easy money to home builders who make their living in high–volume subdivisions. But what they don't know could burn them.
Source: Professional Builder
March 27, 2006  bizTools - Two Sure Ways to Improve Profitability

Charles Shinn, Jr., president of the Lee Evans Group and Shinn Consulting based in Littleton, Colo., does not necessarily believe that hiring extra staff is the answer when your business is stressed, pressed and overworked.
Source: National Association of Home Builders (

March 1, 2006  Soft Push
Controlling the time between contract signing and ground breaking can set the course for success.
Source: BUILDER Magazine
March 1, 2006  The Art of Benchmarking
Without financial benchmarks, small volume builders repeat the same mistakes on project after project, year after year. Here's a primer on targeting a bigger profit, without selling your custom soul.
Source: Custom Builder
March 1, 2006  Even–Flow - A Big Idea for Smaller Builders

Even-flow is a hot management concept among production builders... Growing evidence suggests small builders may find regularizing the flow of work through their companies and their on-site operations just as beneficial, and even easier to do. 
Source: Custom Builder

March 1, 2006  Putting Options On the Menu
Home buyers want it their way, but builders need to eat, too. Here's how to serve customers and still get change back from your design studio dollar – with or without a design studio.
Source: Professional Builder
January 1, 2006  Guilty With Explanation
Sure, home builders are technology laggards, but they've been frustrated for so long by IT companies, who can blame them?
Source: BUILDER Magazine
September 1, 2005  Success with Semi–Custom
Pre–planned versatility and strong business processes make DiYanni Homes' Muirfield house plan a winner.
Source: Professional Builder
March 1, 2005  'Golden Handcuffs' For Supers
Construction superintendent is arguably the most important management position in a home building company. After all, this front-line manager has responsibility for the quality of the delivered product and controls direct construction costs that represent 50 percent of the selling price. Yet many builders struggle to keep supers from job-hopping around the local market.
Source: Professional Builder
March 1, 2005  Watch Those Operating Expenses!
They are creeping up in relation to sales, in spite of an extended sellers' market that has allowed substantial price increases.
Source: Professional Builder
December 1, 2004  Price Does Not Affect Profit
Study of Lee Evans Group clients shows no correlation between product price and builder profitability. It's management that matters.
Source: Professional Builder
September 1, 2004  Stop, Thief!
Are employees robbing you blind? Many builders refuse to see the epidemic of insider crime that plagues the U.S. housing industry.
Source: Professional Builder
July 1, 2004  New Software
Alignment niche software company Constellation Software consolidates builder software market by buying NewStar and FAST.
Source: BUILDER Magazine
June 1, 2004  Tie Land to Business Plan
Bottom–Line Building - Last month we looked at rising land prices in hot housing markets across the country and offered the opinion that now is not the best time to buy land in large parcels. But it's hard to avoid getting caught up in a land frenzy when homes sales are outpacing additions to the lot inventory.  
Source: Professional Builder
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