Financial Institutions

As a leader in providing support to the homebuilding industry for over 35 years, Shinn Consulting is well-suited to work with financial institutions to better understand this market. Click here to view our capabilities brochure

  • Financial analysis - Shinn consultants work with your team to conduct in-depth financial analysis of builder companies. Our team understands the intricacies of the market and can help to decipher the most complex financial statements.
  • Workouts - Our team realizes that not every building company can be successful, especially as the market begins to tighten. With our vast network of builder clients and our knowledge of builder organizations, Shinn Consulting can provide the support you need to realize a successful workout experience.
  • Seminars for your clients – Traditionally, financial institutions viewed marketing as relatively unimportant, a holdover from a time when acquiring and keeping customers was fairly easy. In an increasingly competitive environment, however, these skills have become essential. A focus on sales alone is no longer sufficient; instead, to create the solutions that customers are seeking, institutions must develop proprietary customer insights and cultivate more sophisticated capabilities in branding, distribution, and customer–lifecycle management.
  • Industry training for your staff - As a market that operates with few employees and many trade contractors, the home building industry can be quite complex. Shinn Consulting can help you understand the intricacies of the market so your company can be better prepared when making investment and lending decisions.