Trade Contractors

To build houses more effectively, it is crucial for builders to establish positive working relationships with their trade contractors and suppliers. Shinn Consulting works in coordination with builders to help trade contractors better understand the builder client and what is expected of them on the job.

Contractor training – Our consultants can present a builder-sponsored training session to discuss the importance of the contract agreement, scheduling the job right and maintaining a high quality job site. We have found that builders who sponsor these seminars for their trade contractors realize a substantial increase in commitment and performance from attendees.

Scopes of work – Builders often hire trade contractors to work on homes without providing clear direction on their expectations. This can cause many problems. For example, if the trade under-delivers in terms of quality, but has completed the work, a written document outlining expectations gives the builder recourse and protects the builder from having to pay extra to get the job done to the necessary quality standard. A lack of clear direction can greatly increase construction costs and significantly delay the completion of the home. Shinn Consulting provides support to help you develop effective scopes of work for trade contractors, to communicate exactly what the contract entails. All theories and techniques discussed are demonstrated through role play.