"The financial management approach that you and Lee Evans have taught us has contributed greatly to increasing the profitability and improving the management of our home building and land development companies. It was nice to see the word get out to more builders on what you are teaching, as well as getting national recognition."

Gerald Eid
Eid-Co Buildings, Inc

"We appreciate all the great advice and fine work you have done for our company. I feel we have been far more prepared for this downturn than the average builder. You deserve a lot of credit for that."

Barry Frey
Managing Partner
America's First Home

"Your organization has done so much for us over the years that I had to write to thank you. And, although some of your disciplines are challenging to implement, we never stop trying. You are wonderful people who love what you do, and our industry is fortunate for it!"

Bill Lee
Sabal Homes of Florida, Inc

"You continue to provide the guidance we need to make sure that we stay focused on sound construction principles and systems. With your help, we have been able to blend these elements into our technology initiatives to maximize our profitability. You have helped to make us the #1 builder in our market. Thank you."

Kevin Krafve, President
Taylor - Morley, Inc

"Your approach to margins, ratio analysis, etc. has given me tangible, realistic benchmarks to evaluate our performance, myself, and our people. Everyone is not only excited, but supportive of the changes we are making."

James Brickman

"A major, viable benefit that you all have had for me is with bankers. I have met with six lenders this week and they all said things like..."If you decide to do business with us...We'll do this or we'll do that". My meetings with lenders have honestly turned from them interviewing me to one of them trying to sell themselves and their services to me!"

Brent Boyd, Owner/President
Brent Boyd Custom Homes, Inc.

"As a result of incorporating these techniques, we have recently experienced the highest gross margin and net profit jobs since we started our company. We have seen net profit jobs as high as 15% and gross margins approaching 30% on some jobs. More importantly we have not experienced any bad deals where we get totally blown out of the water."

Michael E. Peck