While the benefit of a lean production system is widely recognized, many companies have yet to reap the full potential because they focus on the application of basic technical tools rather than a holistic system perspective. Shinn Consulting will review and diagnose areas of waste, variability, and inflexibility in the current production system; then we work with your team to design and help implement improved management infrastructure, and the employee mindsets to support it.

  • Scopes of work – Working with trade contractors can be challenging if expectations are not established up front. Shinn Consulting can help you become the "Builder of Choice" by creating standardized scopes of work for each of your contractors. This will help improve production, decrease costs, and ultimately, provide a better product to the home buyer.
  • Schedules and even–flow – One of the greatest challenges in homebuilding is the management of the production schedule. If one of the trades is delayed or not phased in at just the right time, it could result in drastic delays. Our consultants will evaluate your schedule to determine areas of improvement and areas where time savings are available. Ultimately, any improvements made can significantly improve your bottom line.
  • Quality assurance – If a homeowner is unsatisfied with the end product, it can result in increased warranty costs over several years. Building the house right the first time, and maintaining a firm commitment to quality, will decrease any potential hidden costs later on. Shinn Consulting can help you develop a successful quality assurance program.
  • Cost control – During construction, if your team is not diligently watchful, costs can quickly spiral out of control due to any number of factors. Shinn Consulting will evaluate your production process to determine areas of leakage, and will work with your team to establish controls and trim unnecessary costs.