Strategy is not a detailed plan or set of instructions; it is a unifying theme giving coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of an organization. Shinn Consulting can help your organization create a consistent view and direction to bring your company to a higher level of performance and profits. Our consultants provide guidance, evaluation and analysis of on–going strategies and direction of your company.

  • Corporate strategy – To be successful in the marketplace, you must continue to look for new and innovative ideas. Our consultants provoke questions and facilitate conversations to help your company maximize ideas; and share innovative thought to set an overall strategic direction for your company.
  • Growth strategy – By helping you analyze your company, your specific market and your desired goals and direction, our consultants work with you to achieve a new level of performance. Together, we evaluate your options and create an aggressive, realistic and achievable strategy for company growth, whether it be through new business building, alliances, mergers and acquisitions, or through internal process improvement.
  • Succession planning – Understanding the value of your business is integral to ensuring it will sustain the value. Shinn Consulting can assist you with exploring options for your next move. Whether you want to sell your company in the market or pass it to a family member, our consultants work directly with you and your team to determine the right solution for you.