Sales and Marketing

Shinn Consulting assists customers with the evaluation and strategic execution of their sales and marketing efforts, and in the professional development of their sales and marketing team. We work with your team to develop strategic sales and marketing solutions; and will partner with your sales, marketing and new product development departments to tackle complex sales issues, marketing strategies, new product strategies and professional training.

  • Preparing for changing market conditions – The boom market of the last few years has made it easy for sales teams to move product. Now, as the market begins to tighten, it will be more difficult to realize sales. Shinn Consulting works with your team to evaluate and realign efforts to outperform the norm for your market.
  • Sales management – Is your sales management process working for you? Are your customers satisfied with their entire experience? Shinn Consulting works with you to find ways to improve the customer experience and make the process run more smoothly.
  • Evaluation of sales and marketing operations – Even the most successful sales and marketing departments can improve their processes to increase sales and/or reduce costs. Shinn Consulting performs audits of the marketing department and reviews existing programs to provide recommendations for getting the most return from your investments.
  • Marketing plan review – You may have the best product in the market, but if you are not targeting the right audience, selling it will be a challenge. Understanding your target market is crucial to increasing sales. Shinn Consultants work with your team to evaluate your marketing plans to make sure your company is properly aligned to maximize sales.